Pittsburgh’s First Competitive Bar-Style Ice Curling Rink to Open in Pittsburgh

Sliders Curling will deliver winter fun in Millvale starting November 29.

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – (Oct. 30, 2019) Pittsburghers will have a new way to shake off the winter blues this year with the arrival of Sliders Curling, America’s first competitive, bar-style ice curling rink and a seasonal offshoot of popular axe-throwing business LumberjAxes. The venue, located outside of LumberjAxes in Millvale, offers a more accessible version of the sport many people encounter only once every four years while watching the winter Olympics. The rink opens on November 27 and will operate all winter.

Curling involves sliding large, smooth granite “stones” across a sheet of ice toward a target. Traditionally, players stand on the ice, with one team member “throwing” the stone while others sweep the ice to influence its trajectory.

At Sliders, guests will play a “bar-style” version of the sport that’s easier to learn (and doesn’t require special shoes). Individual competitors will take turns throwing their Olympic-style stones while standing on rubber mats, rather than walking on and sweeping the ice.

Sliders’ curling “sheet,” which is smaller than an authentic Olympic-style curling sheet, will feature four lanes. It is outdoors, so guests are encouraged to bundle up – though there will be a tent to provide weather protection, and guests are always welcome to come inside and warm up at the LumberjAxes bar (currently BYOB, with full bar service coming soon).

The curling operation is a seasonal offshoot of LumberjAxes, which was the first axe throwing venue in Pittsburgh and also has locations in Mt. Lebanon, Cranberry and Monroeville. Like LumberjAxes, Sliders provides each group of guests with a dedicated coach to instruct on safety, technique and the rules of the game – and make sure everyone is having a fantastic time.

“Through the success of our axe-throwing venues, we discovered that the people of Pittsburgh are really up for trying new, interactive entertainment,” says LumberjAxes Founding Partner Corey Deasy. “So we figured, since we all have to deal with icy weather in the winter anyway, we might as well take advantage of it and introduce a new outdoor entertainment option that requires cold temperatures.”

Here’s how Sliders works: Book an event for three to 16 participants (or call for larger groups). During the first 10 minutes of your session, your designated coach will provide training on safety and technique. For the next 30 minutes, your coach will keep score and guide your group through preliminary matches before a final tournament for gold, silver and bronze medals.

Ice curling events, whether reserved or walk-in, cost $30/person and typically run for 55 minutes. Participants must be at least 12 years old.

The rink will be constructed and ready for press photos and video Nov. 23, and open for public sessions on Nov. 27 and throughout the winter. To set up interviews with ownership and/or arrange a press tour on or after Nov. 23, please contact Liz Fetchin at 724/612-9921 or liz@elmink.com.


About Sliders Curling: Sliders Curling is America’s first competitive, bar-style curling rink, where adults and teens of all experience levels can try their hand at an easier-to-learn version of the winter Olympics staple. A destination for get-togethers, special occasions, and team-building events – or just a break from cabin fever – Sliders makes winter fun. Located outside LumberjAxes in Millvale: 2 Sedgwick St. Participants must be at least 12 years old. Open from November 27 through the cold months.

About LumberjAxes: LumberjAxes is Pittsburgh’s first axe-throwing venue, where adults of all skill levels can try their hand at the cutting-edge entertainment phenomenon. LumberjAxes’ expert staff aims to provide the ultimate axe-throwing experience for groups of friends, families, private parties, team-building events, and leagues. We’re serious about customer service, so you can focus on having some serious fun. So round up a crew, take aim, and let go. Millvale: 2 Sedgwick St.; Mt. Lebanon: 1689 McFarland Rd. Must be 13​​ or older; participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 412/408-2650, http://axethrowingpgh.com